Smart Cities

Contract Lifecycle Management System for SMART CITIES

“Cities accelerate innovation; they cure overpopulation; and while they are becoming the Greenest thing that humanity does for the planet, they have a long way to go.” Stewart Brand ‘Whole Earth Discipline’

Smart Cities leverage advances in Machine to Machine (‘M2M’) communications and the rapidly growing field of sensors and actuators, Radio Frequency Identification (‘RFID’) tracking systems, embedded systems and pattern recognition technology to become active participants in business processes.

ProCon offers a Contract Lifecycle Management system for Smart Cities addressing the needs of the early EPC phases of these large-scale developments and the later operational phases.

Living PlanIT’s Urban Operating System (UOS)  is fast becoming a common infrastructure platform for large scale Smart City developments. Following an extensive evaluation phase of best-of-breed contract management systems, Living PlanIT is pleased to select AVEVA ProCon’s product and is working to provide seamless integration with its platform.

ProCon provides the ability to visualize and evaluate the interrelationships of these contractual terms with design, construction and operational processes. An engineer will now be able to access relevant contract details associated with his area of focus, and immediately have the ability to determine “where responsibility lies” in relation to commitments, warranties and contractual obligations.

Through this integration, business intelligence can now be improved to expedite critical decisions based on contractual terms driven by the robust rules engine within the UOS to ultimately drive building and city systems for improved efficiency.

So, for example it will be possible to evaluate how buildings are performing against the key warranties of the Partners who delivered them: Are they as energy efficient as warranted? Are the components performing as warranted?

The key benefits will be:

  • Reduced construction risk;
  • Reduced design, development and construction costs;
  • Reduced costs related to fraud and insurance claims.
  • Real-time Contract Performance Analytics.

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