ProCon for Projects


Contractual Risk Management Software reduces Contract Risk in Complex Projects. Designed for use on major capital projects and ideally suited to complex joint ventures that need an out-of-the-box, industry-proven solution, fast.

ProCon for Projects comes with all the processes and tools required to:

  • Maximize contractual risk management;
  • Provide early warning indicators of potential cost and schedule overrun on strategic, mission-critical contracts;
  • Deliver joint venture risk management;
  • Collaborate securely with project stakeholders to enable faster, more informed decisions;
  • Manage and defend against claims;
  • Real-time contract performance analytics.

This contractual risk management software can be quickly rolled out for use by any number of project and contractor users, on any size of capital project.

For maximum results it is best to implement ProCon for Projects pre-FEED, but we have plenty of evidence from customers who experienced exceptional ROI when ProCon was implemented in the later stages of their project.

If your project has already started we have the tools, knowledge and experience to quickly import and organize that information for you in ProCon for Projects and integrate it with your existing systems.

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ProCon for Projects

  • Predictable commercial outcomes
  • Robust capital discipline
  • Connected decision making
  • Transparent stakeholder engagement
  • Real-time performance analytics
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