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Mining industry leaders recognize that cost saving measures and standardized, streamlined processes are required to increase the productivity of invested capital across their new and operating assets. Obtaining value for money and claims management are critical to surviving and thriving in this weakened global economy.

Without using Contract Risk Management software

Mining Claims management software

ProCon for Mining Contract Risk & Claims Management Software

Predictable Commercial Outcomes

  • Actionable early warning indicators of potential cost and schedule overrun on strategic, mission-critical contracts increases the likelihood of assets meeting predicted financial performance.

Robust Capital Discipline

  • Proven commercial best practices that act as a strategic transformation catalyst to reduce operating costs, manage claims and increase margins across the asset portfolio;
  • Workflow-driven, auditable, out-of-the-box procurement processes to ensure that corporate procurement strategies, designed to obtain best value for money, are consistently followed across the organization and its projects;
  • Standardized, out-of-the-box, claims management processes across the organization which deliver early warning indicators of contractual and project risk to key decision-makers, complete with details about the associated potential cost and schedule impacts;
  • Ability to identify and quantify deviations from the optimal Mine Plan, accompanied by a robust commercial audit trail of communications between departmental and external contract stakeholders, giving full visibility of all the decisions that were made;
  • Better visibility into the financial health of contracts and projects, including potential and actual commitment, potential and actual expenditure/claims and contract payment progress.

Connected Decision Making

  • Best practice processes come as standard, ensuring that the right people work on the most important issues at the right time and in the right sequence;
  • Automated workflows reduce the administrative burden on a diminished headcount;
  • Secure, private claims management solution empowers global commercial, technical, project, legal and other cross-functional teams to work effectively to manage change, claims and mitigate project risk.

Transparent Stakeholder Engagement

  • Complete, indisputable commercial audit trail of all significant tender and contract communications, contractual obligations and reviews is visible to all stakeholders, improving the quality of decisions and reducing approval bottlenecks.
  • Transparent information flows between head office and mine sites drive greater operational control and operational excellence.

Real-time Contract Analytics software

See Further and Act Faster with ProCon Analytics

  • Quickly interrogate historical data to identify process bottlenecks, as well as factors that contribute to better than anticipated commercial outcomes, for example adopting an alternative procurement or contract strategy or an optimized Mine Plan.
  • Connect all decision makers with trend insights across all projects in a portfolio;
  • Integrates with existing systems and reporting tools to increase the wealth of data and reduce total cost of ownership.

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