INFRASTRUCTURE – Contract Management challenges

In 2014, the UK Government set out their £466bn plan for infrastructure development to the end of the decade, comprising public and private investment across key infrastructure sectors. A publication issued in the same year reported that the global average value of a construction project dispute was US$ 32.1 million and, on average, took nearly a year to resolve. The primary causes of dispute were found to be rooted in the failure to properly administer contracts, and the failure of a contracting party to understand and/or comply with its contractual obligations. AVEVA ProCon’s Contract Management software comes with fully compliant, out of the box, solutions for NEC3, JCT and FIDIC contracts, and is also fully enabled to manage the workflows of bespoke company contracts and contracting strategies.

ProCon is a powerful platform for Employers, Project Managers, Supervisors, Contractors and other key project stakeholders to communicate and collaborate in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation throughout the entire contract life cycle.

ProCon – Infrastructure Contract Management Software

Predictable Commercial Outcomes

  • Actionable early warning indicators of potential cost and schedule overrun on strategic, mission-critical contracts increases the likelihood of assets meeting predicted financial performance.

Robust Capital Discipline

  • Risks are identified, published and quantified from day one of the contract life cycle and are managed on ProCon’s Active Risk Register until mitigated or closed out;
  • Potential Financial and Schedule Impacts of risks are immediately visible on a contract-by-contract basis and and can be tracked and measured for variance to contract and project budgets;
  • Comprehensive Pre-Award module comes with out-of-the-box best practice procurement processes to manage and deliver a diverse range of contract strategies such as NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts, Options A-F;
  • Workflows manage the stakeholder involvement with key tender and contract communications such as Early Warning Notices, Compensation Events, Applications For Payment, Payment Certificates, Pay Less Notices, and Defect Certificates.

Transparent Stakeholder Engagement

  • The commercial audit log provides a real-time, contextual history for key actions and decisions made throughout contract lifecycle by all stakeholders, and is invaluable as your single source of truth to defend against claims;
  • Secure visibility and reporting can be provided to appropriate external stakeholders such as government agencies and regulatory bodies;
  • Pre-Built APIs are available for integration with ERP systems and other tools to provide consistent and accurate data to other project stakeholders.

Connected Decision Making

  • Standard best practice processes ensure that the right people work on the most important issues at the right time and in the right sequence;
  • Automated workflows reduce the administrative burden;
  • Contract management software empowers project managers, supervisors, commercial, technical, legal, contractors and other cross-functional teams to work effectively to manage change, claims and mitigate contract risk.

Real-time Contract Analytics software

See Further and Act Faster with ProCon Analytics

  • Advanced insight into all commercial engagement and contract execution data with early warning indicators of contract and budget risk in easy-to-view dashboards;
  • Connect all decision makers with trend insights across all projects in a portfolio;
  • Integrates with existing systems and reporting tools to increase the wealth of data and reduce total cost of ownership with overall ROI in the region of 3% of project value.

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